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The panels above depict the years of the dog, pig ,horse, monkey and rooster. I wanted to create a wall that crossed Chinese and Western culture.

"Mine's Memorial Painting" exterior paint on hardboard. 2014. In memory of a collegue who died this year. The butterflies birds and are from Northern Cyprus the medical symbol represents her nursing and phylogy backgrounds, words were chossen by staff and service users who she worke with through out the project.

EF Harbin Second Annivsary mural. 

paint on glass.2012 .Using the animals of the Chinesse Horoscope the aim was to provide as mural that was bright and welcoming for parents and children using the sevice as well as celebrating the projects second anniversary of the project. 

"Still dreaming of Electric Sheep" mural commissioned by EF Harbin,China with Sean Carver. Using the phonetic alphabet and recreating the main high street of Harbin with a film noire edge.

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