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I like to write poems,sketches plays and shorts . Usually with a dark comic twist..

Slow Burn 

You know me so well 

Yet still you try to trick me

Breathing deeply just gives me more oxygen

Have you learnt nothing?

That's right,count to ten

Ignore the heat creeping through your veins

I'll burn your throat till you need to shout


Feed me and I'll give you power


Only I see your potential

I give you justice and honour

I restore lost dignity

I scorch all who hurt you

Yet still you try to put me out

Drown me with alcohol

Did I not tell you it's a combustable?

Put me in a metal cage and I will melt

Wrap your heart in fat 

And I will make it corrode


Your enermies will be drown in my larva


You summoned me

You lit the spark

I heard you cry and I came

A small baby howling in the night

A child hiding from taunts 

An adolence mocked and abandoned

It was your fireworks of distress

That set a beacon to welcome me

And I came for you always


I'll force your foes familes to eat their own ashes


I am loyalty 

I will never leave 

Even though you nelglect me, abuse me

I am there always 

Slowly burning just for you

My embers will never die

Kindle my flames 

Watch me dance.



Sally Wyatt










The first is Optimism.
Dressed in children’s presenter rejects
Turquoise, fuchsia and citrus lemon 
Topaz earring from a recent Greek Island holiday
Advice from recycled from the latest positive thought guru
Which will fade faster than her tan
Her empathy surrounds her like a silver haze
Spelling out the obvious
She gifts positive thoughts in shiny Jungian cardboard 
Re framing feelings and packaging with a fair trade ribbon

The Second is clinical
Jacket that slightly too tight 
His stripy tie tucked into his high-waisted trousers 
Fat fingers clasp around his favorite pen 
He writes without listening
Diagnosis decided he writes to back his verdict
He measures tone words and eye contact 
As he adds up the cheapest chemical compound
After precisely 12 minutes and 15 seconds 
He writes out a script ,ahead of target .

The Third is hopeful and horny.
A Knight charging into battle in his Perguote 205.
His valour enabled by other people’s tragedy 
No maiden to rescue,No dragon to kill
His chivalry is his shield to charm potential victims
Armed with cliques and dreadful puns 
Offering happy hugs which last just a little too long
He begins the onslaught of advice.
Polished concern almost as shiny as his bald spot
His stabs at solutions but miss the problem completely
Defeated he creates creating a story where he is the hero.

The forth doesn’t arrive
Frustration turns to fear
The reality that there are no rescuers left
Turning to trash TV to stop the tirade
An age old mantra in the brain
Suicide Impacts analyzed
The cost of a wardrobe change for the Optimist
The amount of paperwork for the clinical man 
The use of death as a seduction method for Mr. Hopeful and horny.
Hardly worth the effort.
The fifth rescuer reveals themselves in the mirror.

Sally Wyatt

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